get to the table on time


the weather was typically fickle this weekend — rainy friday, sunny saturday and sunday, rainy sunday night. luckily i took advantage of the sun while it was around to enjoy a relaxed dinner outside. the verdant thicket of weeds and shrub formed a natural wall behind the grill – frances hodgson burnett’s secret garden for steaks?


despite the hostess being adamantly vegetarian, she graciously allowed for a couple of wicked steaks to sizzle away on the grill.


but the obvious highlights of this early summer feast was the grilled corn that tasted so sweet it could have been served as dessert. vegan burgers cobbled together from legumes , onion and red peppers were incredible on a baguette with goat cheese, arugula, and tomato. not to mention the grilled zucchini spears and eggplant disks, or the raw broccoli salad with cranberries, sunflower seeds and red cabbage that was lightly dressed with my new favorite salad dressing: vegan poppyseed. served on simple paper plates and bookended by nibblings of locally grown strawberries, it was the archetypical summer banquet.


i wish i could dine al fresco in MY backyard every night. alas, i can’t even figure out how to get on my roof. good thing i have so many wonderful friends with a little outdoor sprawl. ;)



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