running up that hill, with no problems


got ready this morning to luomo and al green – possibly the most energizing morning blend ever. walked to work with the proverbial bounce in my step. i’m not much of a morning person, but i’m trying. woke up at 8am this morning, which has been happening more and more lately — joni is like a teeny-tiny, living alarm clock. she meows and does not shut the hell up until i feed her / pet her / talk to her / hold her. she’s pretty needy. by the time i stumble back into bed, i’m awake. can’t go back to sleep. maybe it’s a blessing, because it was enough time to dance in my underwear, take a long shower, tidy up the kitchen, make strong coffee, fix a mid-morning snack, hang with joni and put some records away.


listening to recent lp purchases ad nauseam:

  • innocence mission – s/t lp
  • cluster / eno collab ‘after the heat’ lp [perfect condition, in love with the album artwork, and only $10 at new autumn leaves record store. get thee there stat!]
  • the first cocteau twins lp, ‘garlands’ [it’s a doozy]
  • kate bush – lionheart lp


  • star trek [best movie of the year, holy crap]
  • away from here [so-so; less alexi murdoch, much more maggie gyllenhaal, kthxbai]
  • scott walker on youtube. can’t. get. enough. [and: what a babe!]


  • the new mary gaitskill [unnerving, concise and full of soul]
  • summer issues of bon appetit [spanish pork tenderloin, your ass is mine.]

have a wonderful hump day. xo


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