naked if i want to


i had a really killer ‘me’ night yesterday. stumbled home from a 11 hour work day (don’t ask) and popped in what is clearly one of the best cinematic achievements of all time – not to mention irrevocable proof that fashion reached its apex in 1992 – and chilled the fuck out.

decided around 10pm that dinner was in order and kept it stupidly simple, which of course reminded me of this new book, of which i have many, many thoughts. thoughts that i plan on gathering later in the week. anyway, i boiled 1/8 lb of penne and heated up 1/2 cup of the jarred tomato sauce that my mom bought me for me as a present. some torn, garden fresh basil and tons of freshly cracked black pepper later, i had one of the most simple, comforting dinners i’ve had in a while. i definitely eat much more simply when i’m alone – i think i could survive on the following combinations for every meal until i die: black beans/rice. lentils/greens. pasta/sauce. spinach/anything. bread/cheese. nothing too fussy, and i tend to eat pretty vegetarian when it’s just me.

went to bed early, woke up early, wearing a new blouse and new sandals and feeling better about everything. the sun is out and grassroots is almost upon us – happy happy hump day. xo


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