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STILL sick as a dog. does anyone have any good remedies? unfortunately, i tend to do the opposite of ‘taking care of myself’ when i’m not feeling well — smoking cigarettes, skipping meals, drinking too much wine, eating crap food, staying up late, living in squalor etc etc. it’s funny how hard it can be to take care of yourself, when it really matters.

if i think about it, though, my favorite short-term sick remedies are showers so hot they turn your bathroom into a suana — clears my sinuses without fail. hot water, lemon wedges and coins of ginger root do the trick nicely, too. comfort foods like whole wheat pasta with homemade tomato sauce, feels nice even if i’m not sick. and somehow, i always turn to british period dramas as my movie genre of choice — we’re talking remains of the day. howards end. brideshead revisited. pride and prejudice. yada yada yada. the slower and more sumptuous, the better. is that weird?

in any case, looking forward to settling in with ‘terms of endearment’ and sandwiches tonight. don’t judge.



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