alligator lizards in the air


wow, i can’t believe i forgot to write about this delicious meal! i guess i’ve been a little off in posting in general, and i’ve realized that i haven’t been cooking much in the last week or so. i’d like to change that — last night i made a wonderful heirloom tomato saute with cannelli beans, carrots, and red onions — especially now that summer is reluctantly wrapping up and my cooking habits will change with the turn of the season.

in any case, i bought a head of very fresh, supple bibb lettuce from the farmers market a few weeks ago. it didn’t need much, and i was inspired by a jar of fresh basil pesto given to me as a present. i made a meal for two for a friend who is a vegetarian, and this is what i came up with.

  • farmers market bibb lettuce salad. with gently boiled baby potatoes smothered in basil pesto. that was it for the salad! warm & cool temperatures interplay in a wonderful way, creamy potatoes and silken, supple lettuce make for a great mouthfeel. divine, and just the right amount of decadent.
  • quinoa tossed with pan seared vegetables — i happened to have zucchini and broccoli leftover from the farmers market, as well as a diced red onion — and a can of garbanzos. plenty of fresh herbs, red pepper flakes, and a few tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. tossed together, the quinoa clings to the exterior of the vegetables like barnacles on a ship, creating a dish that was super filling and very healthy. bonus: quinoa, as a grain, is very high in protein and a good supplement for vegetarians. good to know! (not that i will ever give up meat / dairy / seafood. ever. ever ever ever.)
  • my famous guacamole. i keep it fairly traditional (i AM from san diego after all) with holding the number of ingredients to a minimum and composing it fairly chunky in texture. two avocados, mashed, with the juice of two limes (i know that’s a lot, but i really do believe that the fatty, creamy essence of the avocados demands copious acidity to balance it out), half of a very finely diced red onions, 3/4 cup finely diced cilantro (yes, i know that seems like a lot but i am utterly addicted to how fresh it makes everything taste), a generous pinch of red pepper flakes, and cracked black pepper and salt. if you were feeling ambitious you could add diced tomatoes and raw garlic, but.. i wasn’t. and it was still good! with organic blue corn chips, probably my favorite snack ever.

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