and when i get that feeling, i want, sexual healing











maybe one of the most relaxing and wonderful weekends ever. morning margaritas, afternoon blts, talks deep into the night, daytime g-rated swim, nighttime x-rated swim, marvin gaye records, wine glass upon wine glass upon wine glass, with some of my best friends in the entire universe. sitting around a rough wooden table for literally hours on end without budging, not even a bathroom break. swapping stories and sharing laughter and giggling into the night. someone made one lame sisterhood of the traveling pants joke, but we gave her a pass and blamed the 12-pack of magic hat krazy kat (delicious IPA!) instead of her.

i cooked up a celebratory summer feast for my best friends from college. it went a little bit like this: grass-fed organic beef burgers on toasted baguettes brushed with olive oil, topped with thickly sliced heirloom tomatoes. i lit the grill by myself and everything!

a monster of a warm summer salad with white wine and lemon-braised wax beans with garlic, tomatoes and black pepper tossed with fresh organic spinach, toasted pine nuts (okay, i burnt them a little), shaved parmesan and fresh corn from the cob. finished with a homemade dijon vinaigrette made from scratch by my sous chef sarah.

garlic bread made with scallions and garlic gently melted in a LOT of butter, slathered on a baguette and broiled in the oven. pure, rich decadence.

dessert was vanilla bean ice cream and blueberries soaked in really fucking fancy brandy. yup. this is good living, folks.

happy happy monday xo


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