love is a radiation

oh god sorry for the delay here. expect more delays as i head off to nyc for a wedding in queens this labor day weekend. in the meantime, this –


and this –


a little of this –


and now that i know that this exists, will need to track down my own copy, hot damn –


and this, by gum, is my favorite song of the month of september thus far –


haven’t cooked much lately, but on the other hand, i’ve been traveling like a little fool lately. among other things, san diego fish tacos; elaborate whole foods salads that are more grains than leaf; portland sashimi; greenstar’s yogurt covered raisins; artisanal chorizo braised in a cast iron skillet (okay, so i made that); surprisingly good, rich boxed red wine; sweet, green plums from a portland farmer’s market and handfuls of cold melon and raspberries; cold white wine & colder salsa from trader joes; citrus-y guacamole made by a really fucking cute boy. yeah, i’ve been eating a lot.

reluctant for the summer to close – but so much goodnesses await me.

happy happy weekend. xo


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