on monday, i cooked a 1lb of whole wheat pasta and had enough meals for days.

monday night, i kept it simple. i tossed the noodles with blanched broccoli and tamari almonds, as well as a bit of raw cabbage and cilatro slaw i had sitting around. i fried shallots in soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil and a heaping tbsp of natural peanut butter. extremely light and simple.

i went for broke on tuesday.

everything at the farmer’s market yesterday looked particularly luscious. all of the produce and fruit had a shimmering velvet quality to it from the misting rain, glowing like jewels from their crates. even the potatoes had a sheen to them. it was hard to pick. the beets were burgundy rubies, the tomatoes bulged with ripeness, leafy greens like chard and kale still smelled like the wet dirt. summer is still here, it seems.


in the end, i went with 1/2 lb of green beans, a handful of shallots, a fistful of green onions, a bundle of cilantro, one huge head of bok choy and some ginger.

i made a marinade, first, with the juice of one lime, 2 tbsps heaping each of minced garlic and ginger. 1/4 cup soy sauce low sodium. 3 tbsps heaping chunky natural peanut butter. 1/4 cup rice vinegar, 2 tsps sesame oil, healthy pinch red pepper flakes, finely chopped handfuls of cilatro and scallions. i eyeballed everything, closed the lid on the small jar, and shook the hell out of it. it still needed some hand stirring, but it was basically done.


the beans were parboiled for two minutes, ends snipped off and plunged into a cold water bath. i fried two skinless, boneless salmon fillets in a hot pan with a bit of oil, and added the beans. i poured about 1/4 cup of the marinade into the pan and cooked it all down, 8-10 minutes.

the salmon wasn’t really cooperating (next time, i use a non-stick pan dammit) so i broke it up in the pan and tossed the results with the noodles.

it took all of the strength i had to not eat the entire pot.


this refrigerates really well, and tastes great cold. i could imagine canned salmon working well in a pinch, and any other combination of flavors excelling in this (admittedly) simple formula. (bok choy and a flaky white fish. shiitakes and flank steak. basmati rice and tofu.)


2 responses to “PEANUT NOODLES 2 WAYS

  1. john coltrane would have enjoyed and givin thanks for eating this on his birthday. rashied too.

  2. amen!

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