there are so many photos from my recent new orleans trip. let’s start with the consumables.


bottles of miller high life seem to be the de facto beer of choice in nola bars. i approve.


local microbrews from zea’s & spicy shortribs.


we went to a john besh restaurant, luke! it was so exciting. crisp, dry chardonnay in cute glasses paired with a roasted beet, roquefort, and pistachio salad.


oh. yes. red fish and shrimp gumbo over rice, served in a cast iron skillet piping hot. this is what i came to new orleans for.


i take that back. THIS is why i went to new orleans for. strong espresso served with profiteroles with coffee ice cream and caramel brittle.


we stopped by an urban farm in the middle of new orleans. lush gardens sprung out of the cement pavement. it was a sight to see. although we didn’t buy the arugula shown here, we picked up a bagful of jars of their homemade jams – fig spreads, blueberry and sage compotes, guava preserves.


mexican food, new orleans style, at a place recommended to us by one of the urban farmers. described as a ‘creole taqueria,’ where i drank the saltiest margarita i’ve ever had (that’s a good thing).  the guacamole was bizarrely off, but the spicy slaw and pulled pork tacos were pretty good.

One response to “NOLA NOURISHMENTS

  1. Aw, I never saw this before. zozo

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