joni probably has the softest fur of any cat that i have ever met in my life, no joke. it is hard not to take photos of her every 5 minutes because i love how viscerally sumptuous her fur still looks in 2-d photos. she is as cuddly as she looks, folks. i like her impressive white beard of marshmallow fluff.


all my damn cat does is sleep all day. tough life.


she’s so fluffy i like taking these really abstract shots where she is not so ‘cat-like’ and more of an amorphous, fuzzy blob of orange.


random leftovers hoovered by my mouth at work. red cabbage, squash and wax bean salad with stewed lentils and summer corn, with baguette + hummus.


cabin fever.


most people agree that freshly baked bread is one of the best smells in the world. now imagine those smells, multiply it by 50, add 9am, a farmer’s market, and crisp fall air. DOI i totes bought a loaf of brown bread. perfect for sandwiches and random nibbling.


the shades of honey glowed like rare amber jewels, when lit behind from the early saturday sun.


i can vouch that the incredibly rich pesto bialys with goat cheese (center) and rivaled only by their sundried tomato counterparts (right). a little too heavy for morning fare, but perfectly chewy with a cup of soup.


see that bin in the upper left? watermelon radishes!! my first time seeing them in the flesh, so to speak. a delicate, creamy pink palette – truly one of the sweetest vegetables around. i bet they would be lovely braised with a knob of butter and splash of white wine…


the horse flies, viewed from the streets of trumansburg. i wish this window opened!

happy monday. xo


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