Thanks Katie for reminding me how much I love this young woman’s hairstyle. Been considering a cut since the kickoff of this decade, and since my move back west.

Also, I’m in love in general with this photo & styling:

Coming to grips with the fact that my face is just not the right shape for this kind of haircut, unless, you know, I WANT to look 5 years old again (the age I was the last time I had this haircut). I’ll take the skirt and blouse, though. [Photo Anthropologie via Jezebel]

But back to haircuts. The lovely singer Alela Diane used to look like this:

Until she did this:

What a beauty. Reminds me vaguely of Mia Doi Todd, looks-wise, who went from this:

To that:

They are beautiful women regardless – half Azns unite! – but I happen to prefer them both with short hair.  So f’ing elegant. I’ve had long hair since I was 12 years old, and I am terrified to change. I just don’t think I could do it. But I admire the effortlessness of these two ladies, which I will never be able to replicate. [Photos via their myspaces]


4 responses to “I WANT TO DIE IN YOUR FACE

  1. Hi, I noticed that you visited my blog (and have it on your ‘blogroll’ !)
    Love your blog. You take really lovely polaroids, and your shots of food border on the pornographic (this is a good thing). I realize I’m a complete stranger, so hopefully this is not creepy, but you could completely pull off a short haircut. I think it would set of your features beautifully- you’d look just as amazing as Mia & Alela, if not better!
    Thanks for enjoying my blog.

  2. Set OFF not set of!!

  3. thank you so much!!! such kind words. i have been a reader of yours for a long time, and since i moved from upstate NY to southern california i thought it would be only appropriate to add you to my blogroll given yr location in LA… i hope that’s okay! :)

    as for the haircut, for me, it’s kind of like fantasizing about a month-long trip to india: never going to happen, but it’s so fun to think about. i have no idea how to change my mindset.

  4. Oh my gosh, of course it’s ok to have my blog on your blogroll. I’m completely flattered.

    I’ve had that month-long trip to India fantasy as well ;)

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