I cooked an amazing dinner on Friday night. I cooked dinner for six people in my house, mostly Moroccan traditional food: eggplant salad, red-beet salad with cilantro — my mom gave me the recipe, which I really love — tomato-and-bell-pepper salad with onion and garlic. We also ate Moroccan-style fish: salmon with chickpeas and different kind of spices that I get at Kalustyan’s. I also made roasted chicken, and I baked potatoes with rosemary and olive oil. We drank mostly red wine. My friends got us dessert from a place in Brooklyn: French macarons and a lemon tart. And I did a strawberry fruit salad with apples, bananas, nuts, lemon, and orange juice, and cinnamon, and made a Moroccan fresh mint tea. It’s very traditional. You use fresh mint leaves with hot water and serve it on a special tray with beautiful stained glasses. And you pour it from very high. That was a big dinner. [New York]

Yigal Azrouël,  goddammit. God. Dammit.

Would you rather have Yigal cook you dinner every night for a year, or own every piece of any Yigal collection of your choosing?

Things to consider. Spring 2010 RTW:

Fall 2009 RTW:

Fall 2008 RTW:

A better question: Would I rather have him cook me dinner for a year or own this fucking fur? GIVE ME THAT FUR


2 responses to “YOU POUR IT FROM VERY HIGH

  1. if you want to wear fur, i want to wear your hair. i put my foot down on fur.

  2. i know. it’s disgusting. so how come i love it so much? contented with the fact that because i will never actually own anything like that i am justified in admiring it from afar…

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