There’s a wonderful farmer’s market in La Jolla every Sunday. Some stuff is affordable ($1/3lbs blood oranges; $1/huge bundle fresh bay leaves; $2/2 heads red leaf lettuce; $15 bargained down from $25/1 tie-dye linen scarf) and some stuff is outrageous expensive ($10/10 oz pesto; $20/1lb fancy walnuts; $9/small jar smoked paprika) but it’s fun. Came home with scallions, bay, beets, and blood oranges – for marmadade.

Roasted the beets Sunday night… my pee has been pink for 48 hours. Too much?

The blood oranges taste sour, somewhere between a normal orange and a grapefruit. The marmalade is gonna be insane!

But since it has to drain for 24 hours first, I made a sandwich. The sandwich to end all sandwiches: the California BLT.

Bacon, cheddar, 1/2 an avocado, sprouts and local lettuce on toasted whole wheat. Mouth party!


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