Jocund Company recently posted some stunning photos of a foggy Ithaca winter day. Sometimes I still feel like I’m there. I woke up this morning and thought about walking to the grocery store for bread and milk. Ithaca is my phantom limb.

I never thought I would miss the Upstate New York winter freeze, but stranger things have happened. The eerie, cinematic quality of Katie’s photographs reminds me of one of my current favorite artists, Richie Skelton, who runs the British private press Sustain-Release.

Operating under a variety of guises, including A Broken Consort, Carousell and Clouwbeck, Skelton creates powerful, elemental music out of densely layered acoustic guitar, bowed strings, piano, mandolin and accordion, often laced with delicate, shimmering percussion. The result is something unique – a music that is both life-affirming and yet etched with memory and loss, evoking equal parts Arvo Part and Ry Cooder, Nick Drake and Henryk Gorecki.”

Not only are his records achingly beautiful, Skelton has a fantastic eye for overall aesthetic. Every release is painstakingly designed, and his special edition material would be a lovely present for someone you really care about. I really like how elegant, mysterious and minimalist everything is; such a nice counterpoint to all of the maxed-out cassette tape/CDR culture glut I deal with in real life. Anyway, his photographs.


Marking Time:

I adore his attention to detail, how lovingly everything is assembled, the clarity and focus of his vision, the palpable sense of sadness and loss in his recordings. The label, by the way, was erected in memory of his wife, who passed away earlier in the last decade.

Back in San Diego, storms continue to torment our skies. A few days ago, in a brief lull from the massive amounts of rain and wind, the sky turned a very peculiar shade of tangerine around 3pm. It started raining again shortly thereafter, but it was neon highlighters and orange peels for a while there.

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  1. i like your pic. i misssssssss yyouuuuuuuuu

  2. woah that last picture is aMAZing

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