Hitting this crazy deadline for my new editor earlier this week has made my eating schedule all wack. Leftover pizza at 8am for example:

Breakfast at 2pm (don’t know why there are two forks)

Dinner with coffee which I had to do but was necessary when you stay up until 4am writing about your life

Hot pink dressing!

The deadline has come and gone but my weird eating habits remain. Off to Sunday farmer’s market for who knows what! Not $20/lb walnuts, that’s for sure. Jesus.


2 responses to “SUNNY SUNDAY SMILE

  1. I’m really curious to know what you are working on!
    Don’t be so hard on yourself about eating bad stuff for a couple days…most of the time it looks like you eat very well!

  2. haha yeah i just can’t resist the lure of cold pizza in the morning. like the rest of the universe. hopefully i can talk about my article soon! :)

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