I woke up the other morning inexplicably ravenous. My lunch was extreme: a gigantic salad with falafel and kale; leftover potatoes I made the night before (parboiled and then fried in a cast iron skillet with butter, cumin, smoked paprika and herbs de provence, until they were golden brown and mouthwatering); leftover guacamole from the night before; and three beverages (water, tangerine juice, coffee).

I roasted a chicken last night and it was a divine, decadent success. More on that soon.

Reading AL Kennedy ‘Paradise.’ Darkly hilarious and deeply revelatory.

I also heard that Nicole Holofcener has a new film out this year! I watched ‘Friends With Money’ on the Lifetime Movie Network (aka LMN) with my mom the other day and was reminded how I like her female anti-heroes aka normal people. As far as Hollywood treacle goes, it’s pretty great. I love how Holofcener says she never gets ‘tired of looking at her face,’ when speaking of muse Catherine Keener.

“My good friends are women and they are used to me raping their lives… Everyone thinks they recognize themselves, but people often think it’s them when it’s not.”


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