After 6 years of being semi-blind with my woefully outdated glasses, I finally bought new ones. I have rested my poor eyes, saved them from the domination of contact lenses, and worn them all day for 3 days in a row. Vision revived!

Last night was a full moon (btw the first full moon of the calendar year is called a ‘wolf moon’) so yesterday aftertoon I scavenged for shells and pebbles at the beach, where the tides were so low that all of the hidden tide pools – and their secrets within – were exposed. It was insane.

The low tides exposed about 200 extra feet of beach.

Dream house.

This starfish was tenaciously gripping these rocks with its tiny suckers. This was HARD to lift up. The combined weight of the rocks must have been double that of the starfish! Why do startfish do that??? It’s like holding on to a teddy bear, or sucking your thumb. Safety. 

Can you believe that smiling rock? I am in love.

These rocks reminded me of brownies, the kind that get cream cheese swirled into the chocolate at the end. The holes in the rocks are like how I obsessively stick toothpicks into the brownies to see if they are done or not.

One response to “OH MY STARS

  1. those pictures of the beach are so beautiful. but no more pictures of you, it makes me miss you too much! i have to pretend you are just sort of floating in the atmosphere but don’t really exist solidly anywhere but ithaca:)!

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