Roasting an entire chicken has always eluded me. It always seemed so intimidating and out of my reach. No more, friends!

So, I recently cooked dinner for my dear friend James.

I stuffed a 5lb organic, free range chicken with fresh bay, thyme, lemon quarters, and an entire head of garlic. I smeared the outside with half a stick of butter and placed it on top of carrots, potatoes and red onion.

I roasted a bot of golden beets, sliced them into medallions, and set them against a bed of fresh spinach, roasted almonds and 4 cups of green French lentils that I had simmered for 40 minutes with lemons and broth.

After 90 minutes in a 425 oven, et voila! Perfection.

Seriously, perfect. I shed a single tear of joy. (For the record, I used Ina Garten’s chicken recipe. She knows what’s UP).

And then sobbed into my plate. I mean, WHAT? IS? THAT?

The next day I made chicken broth with the carcass, but for dinner I had the rest of the salad.

It was all so easy and good that I’m roasting another chicken tomorrow night in celebration of the final season of LOST.



  1. Your friend James is a lucky man!

  2. haha damn straight! fortunately he is a home brewer and leveled the playing field by bringing over the drinks. ;)

  3. looks
    i read you should cook it first on one side (thigh) then the other, then finish by cooking it upright. makes it cook most evenly…? is this how you did it? will try next time.

  4. is that the zuni cafe method? the cookbook is stuffed in a box here somewhere. i’ve heard that recipe but honestly that is way too much effort for me.

    ina garten understands my patience issues: stuff a chicken with good things, put it in a 425 degree oven, and let it do its thing for 90 minutes. that’s it. too lazy to do anything else!! come visit me and i will make you chicken until our stomachs explode.. XX

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