I had a nice long stretch of a morning earlier this week so I started soaking 6 cups of chickpeas around 8am and sat around until they were ready. One of the small pleasures in life: watching dried beans plump up in a pot of water for 5 hours.

At lunch, I simmered them for a hour or two with a mess of spices including tumeric, cumin, coriander, hot curry powder, smoked paprika and the juice of a few limes. I cooked the broth down until it completely evaporated and then I added butter. Best chickpea of my life.

The next day I made roast chicken – again! Even better the second time, friends. I roasted the leftover chickpeas in a 425 degree oven until they got golden, crispy and crunchy, like little crackers. Served with roasted diced beets and walnuts.

The Lunar New Year – aka Chinese New Year – is in three days. I am SO EXCITED! Expect lots of photo documentation. Tonight, we celebrate early with hot pot with friends. The last time I had hot pot, the food coma lasted approximately 2 weeks. Hopefully I remember to take photos tonight!


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