I like to eats lots of different things in very small amounts all mixed together and all at once, but sometimes it’s the opposite.

There was very little by way of appetizing food in my fridge yesterday except for a bunch of fresh carrots. Braised quickly in lots of butter, a few tablespoons of chicken broth, the juice of two limes, loads of chopped garlic, coriader, cumin, tumeric and parsley, the tender carrots turned shiny and toothsome once all of the liquid evaporated. Eaten with garlic naan, this was the perfect lunch, and it only took about 15 minutes. Sometimes simple is best.

PS How amazing is my heart-shaped cast-iron pot? It makes the best fried potatoes, too. It’s a shameless Le Creuset ripoff, but at least it didn’t cost $200.


2 responses to “HEARTED

  1. That pot is adorable. Can you come & cook for my husband & I??? Everything you make looks so amazing.
    I blogged about your blog today (that sounds funny :) . I hope you don’t mind. I just love what you do here & wanted to share it with other people!

  2. jennifer, thank you so much for the kind words!! i’m having a sally fields moment over here.

    if you are EVER in san diego, i would LOVE to cook you dinner! obviously. i’ll figure out a way to incorporate the heart-shaped faux-le crueset.

    thanks again! XO

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