Thank you so much to Jennifer at Ermie for the sweet post she did about Popcorn Plays! Not to get all circle-jerky, but I’m such a huge fan of her site and feel honored to be included!

Because it’s Sunday and my thoughts are scattered, a random assortment of photos including an image of the San Diego bay as seen from the back of my friend’s 40-foot long sailboat. Sadly, the neon green Converse are not mine. I wish. Sailing in February! Still getting used to the idea…

Been drawing more… here, a five-minute sketch.

Joni is slowly turning into a teddy bear / rabbit hybrid. She loses more of her cat-ness every day, it seems. Joni, come back!

Full House’s Rebecca does Michael Kors/Vena Cava fur glam. She looks unsurprisingly incredible. Who else looks this chic delivering heart-to-heart life lessons?

[Images of Michael Kors Fall 2010 FTW via]

Danny Tanner does… something else entirely. Something that scares me. 

Pilfered my mother’s jewelry box for some pieces to incorporate into my closet. In my defense she doesn’t ever wear them and they don’t even see the sunlight, so really I am doing everyone a favor.

Happy Sunday! XO


2 responses to “GRATITUDE & GOLD

  1. those necklaces look awesome.
    stealing from moms is the best.

  2. haha
    Thank god I didn’t freak you out!
    You are very sweet!

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