Proenza Schouler’s Fall 2010 RTW show was brilliant in so many ways. (Including, but not limited to, the playing of Excepter during the show itself).  In particular, these pants from the beginning of the show gave me pause. Obviously I adore them. They really reminded me of one of my favorite Mociun textiles ever, from one of my favorite Mociun collections ever, Fall 2008 RTW, called “Naming Ceremony.” You know, THIS print:

I have that first dress, and I wear it regularly to the beach and to weddings. I wear it dancing and I wear it in hotel rooms, and it is VERY short.

But enough about me. The P.S. line was genius, Mociun is genius. In terms of the P.S. show, I covet all of their incredible prints, but mostly I loved the furs. If loving these jewel-colored dyed furs is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. It was the best interpretation of fall wear I’ve seen yet.

The best part of the show, however, were the sheer black thigh highs that revealed an inch or two of skin underneath the pleated minidresses. I am passionately in love (you know how I feel about thigh highs) and will be replicating this insanely sexy look ASAP.

As usual, Kim Gordon attended a bunch of NYFW shows but I thought she looked especially stunning at this show. KIM GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF

[Proenza images via style.com; Mociun images via Mociun and Coutourture]


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