One of the best bits about living alone is that you only have yourself to answer for when thinking about cooking your next meal. I often make a gigantic pot of dried beans and eat them throughout the week, and I never have to worry about fatiguing someone else’s palette. Very rarely do I get tired of a pot of black beans – this batch was simmered with lemon thyme, chicken broth, 1/2 red onion, garlic and a few limes for about 45 minutes so the beans stayed super firm. I’ve been eating them for lunch for the past few days and the flavor has only intensified. I’m so simple, I like to eat these on their own with a little avocado in a bowl or next to a salad on a plate,  but these would be perfect mixed into rice, folded into a burrito, pureed for a soup, mashed into a dip, or baked into empanadas.

PS. People in California have it so good. Strawberries in February? Truly bizarre.


4 responses to “FUN HOUSE

  1. Thanks for this post! I’m a single gal this weekend (husband is out of town) and this approach makes the prospect of cooking for myself seem like less of a chore.
    Love beans… I could eat them every day as well!
    We So Cal residents are lucky to have (good!) strawberries in Feb!

  2. I like your blog. It makes me want to cook.

  3. jennifer: because it doesn’t happen often, i always think of it as the most amazing luxury, to only have to consider what i want. i worry too much what other people think and it’s like, if i want to eat beans for 6 meals straight, then goddamn right i will! i guess what i’m saying is that if you make a pan of potato gratin and eat only that in a 48-hour period no one will know except yourself. not that i’ve ever done that……..

    finn: thanks! if anything i hope to convey that cooking is super fun and relaxing but also kind of decadent and an easy way to spoil yourself. see also: The Weekend of Potato Gratin.

  4. i never tire of beans either. we are soulmates.
    glad you have cali strawberries. we have snow half way up the house!
    miss you.xx

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