I posted over at Popcorn Youth about tonight’s show with Pepi Ginsberg. My friend Amnon – who also plays in the amazing bands Normal Love and Zs – is part of her group and I can’t wait to catch up and see him with a new face. The last time I was at the Soda Bar it was to see Sudden Infant so this will be an interesting shift in genre for the space, ha. Anyway I just wanted to comment here that Pepi is so striking and that I want to own that floral jumpsuit.

More information about the show here, but this is really just to admire how lovely she is.

“I wish that I could begin to describe with a physical mark with a pen the way that I see the world,” [Ginsberg] says. “But I became increasingly frustrated ’cause I realized that maybe that wasn’t the best way that I could communicate the things that I was seeing. I feel like I’m painting a picture with language, and so in that way it informs it. Whereas if I could translate it with a paintbrush, I would, but I can’t.”

“It’s like if you hear a word that you’ve never heard before and all of a sudden you seem to start to see it everywhere,” she says. “That’s just how I felt about the color orange on a particular day.”

“She says, ‘I’m praying to orange, I’m praying to the mundane, I’m praying to a color, I’m praying to something that doesn’t matter, I’m gonna pray to things of this world that everyone can have.’ ”


One response to “NEEDLENUMB

  1. she’s amazing–love the song “coca cola”

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