“Wandering through Las Pozas is a true adventure because there are no signs pointing you to each of the constructions, and the forest obstructs your sight of them. Each time you come to a cropping of sculpture or architecture, it takes you by surprise.”

I’ve always loved Edward James and his weirdo surrealist fairyland, Las Pozas, so you can imagine I was extra stoked when the ladies at Vena Cava posted about his personal utopia – he called it his own garden of Eden – an outdoor surrealist sculpture park built deep in the tropical rainforest of Mexico. The British poet gave the buildings names like the House on Three Floors Which Will in Fact Have Five or Four or Six, the Bamboo Palace, the House with a Roof like a Whale, the Staircase to Heaven, the House Destined To Be A Cinema, and my favorite: the Temple of the Ducks. He also built himself tiny living quarters which he called ‘The Shell,’ and on one of the walls he wrote: “My house grows like the chambered nautilus….”

Basically he was amazing.

So you also imagine my mixed feelings when Anthropologie used it as the site of their latest catalogue. Groan.

[Effortless Anthropologie via Jezebel]


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