I was seriously craving protein yesterday at lunchtime. After coating one salmon fillet with a cumin/paprika dry rub, I seared the fish at super high heat for about 5 minutes with a little butter and olive oil, but unfortunately the fish kind of stuck to the pan.

Inspired by a bottle of pomegranate molasses in my pantry, I finished it with a sweet, tangy glaze. In a small bowl I mixed about 1/2 tbsp of molasses (so thick and sweet, use sparingly) with 2 tbsp olive oil and some lemon juice, added salt and pepper until I was happy. I poured it over the salmon once it was in the pan and watched my kitchen fill up with smoke. 

I was also craving vegetables so I found weird bits and bobs in my refrigerator and diced them up. I parboiled the “teeny tiny fingerling potatoes” (actually what they are labeled as at Trader Joes) for 5 minutes and then added them to the stir fry. After 10 minutes everything had relaxed in the pan and I added lemon juice.

Perfect base for salad dressings, too.

I finished with a huge handful of chiffonaded basil.

….Which I also added to the salmon – plus half an avocado. This was about 3x more food than I could actually eat but it sated all the right cravings and had the neat side effect of cleaning out my refrigerator.


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