I’m moving on Tuesday so the last week has been pure chaos. I’ve been trying to stay normal with my cooking routines but I’ve been slacking nonetheless. For lunch, extra crispy shrimp jiaozi with apple cider vinegar with a simple iceberg lettuce (it was all I could find, weirdly good anyway) salad with shredded basil, quartered tomatoes and roasted walnuts with balsamic.

I’m taking hardly ANYTHING with me up north which is pretty liberating but also terrifying. I vowed to not pack any books or CDs so I can justify taking my record collection. The compromises we make with ourselves…

“We walked without knowing where. That was the fun of the thing: choosing not to be sure of our territory. The threat of the new place was less because I was with him: I thought it would be ok. It always had been. The hem of the new skirt brushed his hand as we walked. Short, he said, it’s very short, keeping going. We couldn’t have been out five minutes before it started. Just an uneasy feeling in the back of my neck, then footsteps. I could hear footsteps too like our own, an exact rhythm.”

Janice Galloway, Foreign Parts.


4 responses to “CHOOSING NOT TO BE SURE

  1. Where to? Good luck with the move.
    I’m hungry now!

  2. portland! tuesday can’t come fast enough.
    i will probably get lost in the vortex of trying-new-restaurants instead of home cooking, though… !

  3. Portland is a great city! How exciting. So much creativity there. Good luck with the move.
    I wish I had restaurant recommendations, but the only recommendation(s) I have is to visit Una, a great little boutique, and the beautiful little gardening store next door. Giovanna, the owner of Una- her husband runs a restaurant called Navarre- never went there-but it looks amazing.
    Powell’s (duh) is astounding. I got lost for a couple of hours in there looking at the books in their textile collection.

  4. thanks for the well wishes and the awesome recommendations. navarre looks wonderful – will check it out and report back. and una is right in my neighborhood! YES! actually, it could be very, very bad news. ;)

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