Finally got my hair cut for the first time in over a year! The stylist was mad I waited so long but I am so lazy when it comes to hair.  She was shocked when I said I didn’t own a blow dryer (don’t ask how she reacted when I told her I didn’t own a brush, either), so you can imagine my surprise when she blew out my hair to make me look like a pageant contestant. I feel pretty ridiculous. I’m used to my tangled nest of hair, ala Dances With Wolves.

Ala Danielle in LOST.

Ala Kate Bush in everything.


4 responses to “SMILE SMILE WAVE

  1. i love this post. and i love the haircut (but yes i think the cut will look nicest when you go back to your normal artfully tangled mess, albeit w. slightly shorter strands):)

  2. woah, haircut ! you look so different with it like that. i agree with sasha, we like your messy hair

  3. thanks guys! i am happy to report that my hair has resumed its normal, gnarly, dreadlocked, bushy status. phew! for a minute there, i had no idea who i was. ;)

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