You know how sometimes Firefox fails you and they bring up a tab that says “Well, this is embarrassing?” instead of your recovered windows? So anyway, I can’t seem to find my USB device that connects my crappy camera to my crappy laptop so even though I cooked so many delicious things in the last week that I want to tell you about, I can’t. I mean I guess I could but I won’t. I’ll say this, though, if you live in Portland get the brisket here and the infused whiskeys here and cheap wine here and bulk spices and handmade lamb sausages here and coffee beans here but the drip coffee here.

Also how did it take me 5 years to discover the perfect transitional springtime jammer?


3 responses to “PERFECTION

  1. this happens to me all the time. :))))

  2. oh i forgot your blog for some reason takes a symbol + makes it bright ‘n’ yellow. my mistake ))))

  3. siiiiiigh. well i think it’s officially gone. or least in san diego where i can’t access it for 4-5 months. where does one buy replacement usb cable for camera that was purchased over 5 years ago??

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