It’s official. I have no idea where my camera USB cable is. It’s gone. Vanished. Until I find some kind of workable solution, I’ll be posting some photos from my archives, starting this week with some of the food I enjoyed when I was last in Europe (the article about the tour itself is available in this month’s Signal to Noise, which I plan on scanning and posting over here). I still dream about many of the meals I ate while I was there and in many ways food was one of the most important and structuring elements of the experience as a whole.

Photo above and below from La Maroquinerie in Paris, where I saw my friends Mountains play. Pre-show charcuterie plate not bad, either.


One response to “SO VERY LOST

  1. if it is truly LOST lost, try finding the equivalent on ebay, i lost my camera battery re-charger, and found one on there that was comparable to my model # for $5 as opposed to the $45 they were charging at best buy. (i felt like a momentary genius for thinking of this but then reality settled back in!!)xxxxxx

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