I took so many photos of food when I went on tour with Benoit Pioulard –  they almost outnumbered the performance-related photos! I admit that it was a little obscene. But our encounters with food were so rich and varied and unique that each meal we had would often become one of the most defining aspects of the city we were in. Brussels was no exception (I already posted about the carrot soup of my dreams! which haunts me weekly), although I have conveniently erased any/all memories of the one disappointing meal I had on tour (super expensive pasta with capers at trendy boutique hotel – do not want).

When I finally gathered the courage to reread my article after it came out, I was truly struck by how much I wrote about the food I ate while on tour. (And shocked that my editor included two photos of food in a journal about experimental music!) Honestly, when I was working on the piece, I think that I had no idea how much food-related babble was seeping in between the cracks of my narrative. These photos are from the day we spent in Brussels, which was truly unlike any place I’ve ever been. Expose-coiled toasters, plastic mats instead of plates, tart homemade blueberry preserves from Sweden, apple-EVERYTHING, and some of the best vegan curries I’ve had, ever. In some ways Brussels was one of the most memorable stops we made, mostly for its infinite unknowability. Truly a strange, magical place.


2 responses to “TOUR FOOD: BELGIUM

  1. Too bad you lost your camera cable, but this is a great post.
    We are hoping Tomory gets to have a show in Belgium soon. Really want to go now after reading this!
    How is Portland?

  2. wow- that would be amazing! we went to a bunch of galleries while we were there, too. they were all so inspiring.
    portland is wonderful. if only i had the bits and pieces to my camera – then i could show you just how much!

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