The stopover to Geneva was brief and magical. I had never been to Switzerland before, so I was completely unprepared for its pre-industrial, shambling ski chalet vibe that felt like a total anachronism, like a fairy tale kingdom surrounded by reality. Of course I ate a lot of Swiss chocolate. But also we were served a magnificent four-course meal the night we were there, the best part being these little biscuits shaped like nickels and dipped in dark chocolate, served post meal with wine, and the other best part being staying up until 4am eating clementines and cookies. Geneva was so sweet and kind and benevolent and like I said, magical.


5 responses to “TOUR FOOD: GENEVA

  1. My best friends in LA are Swiss. One day we will travel to Zurich with them. They bring back the most amazing chocolate (my favorite is Lindt Kirsch Batons) , and of course make killer fondue and raclette!
    Guess I have to read Jonathan Lethem- that’s two separate posts in two days that I’ve seen his books.
    Oh god, now I’m hungry!

  2. oh…. i love lindt! i really, really want to go back and explore more. i had a hard time leaving because i knew that there was so much more that i wanted to see. i’m told that you cannot get good fondue in oregon.

    i have mixed feelings about lethem. i really, really loved the first half of ‘fortress of solitude,’ but i loathed ‘you don’t love me yet,’ which i thought was a pretty awful and cliche portrayal of los angeles. maybe start with his essays and nonfiction…?

  3. Did you play chess with complete strangers on the enormous boards they have in the park? I cannot recommend that enough.

  4. hmmm, can’t say that i did. in fact, i didn’t even really see any nature at all the entire time i was there. important to delegate how to spend 24 hours in any given place. in this case, it was devoted to taste testing chocolate and whiskeys. next time.

  5. also: hi, per!

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