Sometimes I can’t get over how insane it is that these random companies regularly charge upwards of a hundred bucks for jackets I thrift for 5 dollars every other day – i.e. egregious ripoffs that are not too hard to find if you spend 20 minutes in any semi-decent Portland-area thrift store. And yet, I still find myself shamefully addicted to the allure of online shopping. Thrifting something beautiful is the ultimate win, but shopping online offers the domestic pleasures of simultaneous bedside snacking and kitty company. I guess it’s a draw…

[All images via YesStyle]


2 responses to “YES, MAYBE

  1. we’ve been internet-less for a week now, just got it back! actually kind of nice, because then i have multiple posts of yours to look thru @ once. like watching a whole season of a good show over a couple days V. on tv in little installments w. commercials. your tour food photos are AMAZING, the colors are so good. i esp. love the apples, and the lights on the ceiling, and that one with that awesome toaster with exposed sides… i want one of those!!! really really great:) house show really good, much better if you’d been there. w/o you nice but slightly eerie/strange, something missing in the air. xx

  2. thanks!! that is totally how i prefer watching television. :) i am currently doing that with both battlestar galactica AND the wire, and it is super intense.
    please come out west and bake bread with me!!!!

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