[Mociun dresses at Una]

Super stoked – I finally ordered a replacement cable for my digital camera so within days I will have  weeks and week’s worth of food photos to share with you all (related: tomorrow is the one month anniversary of my move to Portland, wow).

The extent of my shopping in Portland has been thrifting for $5 rain jackets and $2 bathrobes that I’ve converted into cardigans, but I am told there is some diverse shopping all over the city. As a way to motivate myself to check out the various amazing looking shops in town I created a new category for links – Popcorn Loves Portland.

First on the docket is Una, which not only looks super rad – I heard about it from Jennifer, shortly before I moved – but is located right in my neighborhood! I see this model around town all the time and she is crazy beautiful. The cut of the Rodebjer dress above is astonishingly perfect – couldn’t you imagine a relaxed lady wearing it on her wedding day?

3 responses to “LOCAL LIFE

  1. Wow, how funny-you live in a great neighborhood!
    I love that model she uses…blanking on her name right now. I believe she is an artist. Unconventional beauty.
    Giovanna, the owner of Una, is also gorgeous and (as expected) extremely stylish. She should have you model! I was tempted to ask you to for my upcoming Ermie collection…but then you moved! Oh well…

  2. Remembered! May: owner/curator of Nationale!

  3. ahh, nationale! i have heard some amazing things about that space. can’t wait to see it for myself.

    too bad about me moving, though. i would have LOVED to been involved in any way with yr new collection. such a talent, you are!

    feel better soon!!

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