Because my weekend in Nantes was spent covering the Soy Festival, I was pretty much surrounded by other Americans and Brits the entire time I was there. So while I can’t say it was all that ‘French’ of an experience, it was an insane amount of fun to hang with friends in a new place, and was my first stop on tour in consuming killer French food (obvs more important). Over two days I was able to catch: Glenn Jones, Stars Like Fleas, Animal Hospital, Mountains, The Happiness Project, Clues, Do Make Say Think, Voice of the Seven Woods. Heaven!

From top: first quiche (of so, so many) of the whole tour; rooms and rooms of dizzying rocks and gems and skeletons careening from the ceiling at the natural history museum in Nantes; Soy Festival signage sneakily added to street traffic posts; Animal Hospital followed by Benoit Pioulard; pre-show poster; my host’s delicate succulents in an otherwise all-white apartment; my very first croque monsieur (outrageously delicious!); Le violon dingue, an underground cave filled with rubies and tumblers of whiskey; gummi candy shaped like fried eggs (elasticy!); dear friend Shannon. Wish I had a photo of the homemade curry pumpkin soup I devoured shortly before the Do Make Say Think concert…


2 responses to “TOUR FOOD (ALMOST DONE!): NANTES

  1. i miss your fingers. they look super cute holding the egg!

  2. heee. thanks woman. i ate so much candy while i was tour, it’s insane. the fried eggs were my favorite. they tasted like lemon drops.

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