Rachel Comey was lightly profiled earlier this week in the NYT. Besides being a brilliant designer – I still can’t stop thinking about the Navigator dress Jennifer wrote about earlier this month – she is drop dead gorgeous and I am into the contents of her refrigerator.

What’s in your refrigerator? Parsley, sourdough yeast, vinho verde, my grandmother’s pearls (I’ve been robbed and afterwards someone told me the fridge is the best place for your good jewelry. Of course, now I’ll have to move them.)

[via Mohawk General Store]

She designed my springtime uniform. Primary colors and hopeful wishes and youthful brushstrokes and silken scalloped-edged short-shorts, so much spice and sweetness.

[via Creatures of Comfort]

PS This is borderline OD-ing on the Rachel Comey mentions that happen here, but I also found a post on Jeana Sohn’s blog about her weekend home in Long Island – formerly a laundromat – as photographed for the now-defunct Domino magazine. Love the printed couches, green banisters and scuffed wood floors.


3 responses to “DRY STRIKE

  1. No such thing as a Comey OD! I’m a nurse, I know :)

  2. Here clothes are so spirited and creative. I always spy her clothes, without knowing they are Rachel Comey pieces, and am immediately taken by them.

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