The other day I roasted some beets and my housemate was like, ‘I have never met anyone who eats more beets than you do,’ and shook his head. Totally a title I’ll accept with honor.

Just discovered my new favorite way to eat beets: roasted in the oven for an hour at 400 degrees until slightly soft – just a little too long, just a little overcooked. Although I normally like my beets al dente – with a bit of a bite, something a little toothier – in this sandwich it’s so much nicer when the beet gives way in your tongue. It’s almost like a pate, smooth and rich and creamy. I sliced the beet into thin wedges as you would an apple or pear, and then tossed with lemon juice and cilantro and salt. Layered on top of toasted bread (farm rye above, but yesterday I did this with a baguette, too) and some kind of creamy cheese (chevre, brie), and then I ate the rest of the beets as a side salad (redundant).

I also love random vegetable roasts of leftovers: in this case, an old potato, carrot knobs, and some brussels sprouts, tossed with butter and cumin and black pepper and roasted at high, high heat.

I’m not the only one who loves beets! Joni is maybe the only cat I’ve owned that’s loved vegetables this much. I knew we were soulmates, she and I.

And yes, I ate this meal in bed. It ruled.


3 responses to “ON THE DIAGONAL

  1. Eating is bed is my favorite. And roasted vegetables. I’d call this a win-win all around!

  2. yes…. eating in bed! what could be more decadent. definitely worth the crumb duty that follows afterward.

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