I think this was the first meal I made after I moved to Portland — it already feels so long ago. Since then I’ve learned a lot about portion sizes for cooking single meals, because I had leftovers for DAYS! Kale flash fried in butter and garlic, finished with lemon; red cabbage slaw tossed in lime juice; chickpeas fried with red onion, cumin, lemon, oil and parsley. Not even cooking, really. Just admiring the ingredients and adding salt.

I’m planting my garden today. It’s going to be wee, but I’m so excited. I even bought a catnip start for Joni so that I can enjoy her stoney hi jinx every day.

Truly, truly you couldn’t speak of discovery of the unknown unless you were unknowing. You have to make a room inside your own ego for what you don’t yet understand, and hold open the possibility that this is what you’re actually looking for. And that then becomes a very personal matter rather than a universal one, because you can’t account for what other people don’t know. But you can acknowledge inside yourself those things which you did not perceive until the encounter forced you into a recognition. You cannot keep score of that for anyone else, but you can acknowledge transformation of your own perception by experience. When you find something about yourself, you don’t throw it away, it’s a treasure. It’s symbolically very important because it acknowledges a transformation in yourself.

Emmit Gowin, from a truly amazing interview. [via BOMB]



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