Some assorted lunches and dinners from the last recent while. Yes, those are beets. No, I’m not tired of them yet. I do, however, desperately need a hiatus from lentils.

“When life is over it is like a flicker of bright film, an instant on the screen, all of its prejudices and passions condensed and illumined for an instant on space, and before you could cry out, “There was a happy day, there a bad one, there an evil face, there a good one,” the film burned to a cinder, the screen went dark.

From this outer edge of his life, looking back, there was only one remorse, and that was only that he wished to go on living. Did all dying people feel this way, as if they had never lived? Did life seem that short, indeed, over and done before you took a breath? Did it seem this abrupt and impossible to everyone, or only to himself, here, now, with a few hours left to him for thought and deliberation.

[Ray Bradbury, The Illustrated Man, “Kaleidoscope”]


3 responses to “A FLICKER OF BRIGHT FILM

  1. stop eating lentils. eat meat. i want carcass photography. :-)

  2. i miss our dishes-to-pass. i want to eat all of that, esp., of course, the beets))))

  3. popcornsnaps

    shit. i miss our epic potlucks.
    sasha: i tried making potato pancakes like your style this morning and they were a HUGE disaster. super gross. but nothing will top the ones you made in october anyway. nothing.
    and katie: meat post imminent!!

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