I haven’t had Ethiopian food since the last time I was in Portland almost a year ago, so I was long overdue.

Went with my friend Amnon — who was in town playing with Pepi Ginsberg, opening for Dr. Dog, which was weird — to the Queen of Sheba in Northeast Portland. It was outrageously delicious. We ordered the (very spicy) vegan platter, and miraculously ate most of it. Their extra-fermented injera was some of the best I’ve ever had. Tried to pummel the remains by constructing poorly assembled Ethiopian burrito. The injera was not up to the task. Leftover fail.

Sorry for hazy photo below — backstage at the Wonder Ballroom was a smoky mess. Catching up with cross-continental friends is the best!


3 responses to “QUEEN SEATING

  1. i’ve never had ethiopian food. i do really like pepi ginsberg, though.

  2. you would adore it. very spicy and lots of vegetables and you get to eat with your hands and drink honey wine.

  3. i’m jealous. i can’t believvvvvvvvvve ithaca doesn’t have an ethiopian restaurant. it almost makes me feel we should move, i get very serious cravings.

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