[Birthday cake bought for my friend by her husband: vegan orange and chocolate cake with mocha and cardamon-spiced ganache]

[My slice!]

[Summer sweethearts]

[Springtime blooms snipped from public sidewalks]

[The sweetest one of all]


I just spent four brief, luminous, relaxing days in Ithaca, New York and maybe it is something about the sweet and wet summer air but I can’t stop hovering around sugar: fruits dripping with pulp and fresh juice in the morning and chocolate cakes and flaky croissants and iced tea and the perfume of fresh flowers. If only I had remembered to take a photo of the vegan coconut milk and chocolate cake smothered in bananas that Sasha made, but I was too busy stuffing my face with it. If only I had remembered to take a photo of the magnificent and tart rhubarb crumble that Anna made and served with sweet vanilla bean ice cream (Mark Bittman says to omit the strawberry — DUHHH!), but I was too busy etc etc etc. I very rarely crave sweet over savoury — I’ll pick pizza every time — but ever since I ate a Portland crepe at 3am laced with cinnamon sugar, butter, bananas and peanut butter it’s all I can think about.


2 responses to “SWEET THING

  1. here’s the recipe for the cake:

    only thing i did differently was to use coconut milk for any liquid instead of oil + water (sub. equal amounts, i.e. 1/2 cup oil = 1/2 cup coconut milk, though i did use some coffee, i think 1/2 cup and everything else coconut milk).
    then for my glaze i just mixed powdered sugar with leftover coconut milk til it got thick + paste-like, added some grated coconut + topped with the bananas:))))
    it’s totally no mess,mix it all in one pan, called 6-minute cake, but really it’s more like 5 :)))) xx

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