[Toasted baguette / goat cheese / spicy mustard / shaved parmesan / marinated beets / parsley and artichokes / prosciutto / salami / clementines]

[Red leaf lettuce / grated carrot / manchego / toasted naan]

[Curried kidney beans / garam masala / cumin / tumeric / red pepper flakes / cilantro / minced ginger / garlic / diced tomatoes / Spanish onions / orange zest / butter]

[Leftover chicken cacciatore / handful whole wheat penne / tomato sauce / grated Pecorino / red peppers / capers somewhere in there!]

[Braised new potatoes / veal stock / bacon fat / butter / olive oil :) :) :)]

[Broiled asparagus / lemon / black pepper / olive oil. Chana masala: chickpeas / garam masala / spicy curry powder / shallots / chicken stock / butter. Toasted naan / black coffee / bad Portland water]

Amidst the flurry of dinner parties, BBQs, picnics and other occasions to cook fancy food, I also eat plenty of meals that are serviceable but aren’t that special or particularly nice to look at. And then I forget to write about them, because serviceable is just not cutting it, you know? These are those lunches. I’m totally okay admitting this because lately I have been on a cooking ROLL — as in, making dishes that I normally wouldn’t (this includes baking! so much baking) and feeling really amazing and proud about the results. More soon…


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