Change is in the air. Not only did I become somewhat of a breakfast person in the last month, I also started baking quite a bit. I read at least four iterations of the simple gâteau au yaourt — including the Orangette, Smitten Kitchen, and Chocolate & Zucchini versions — before I settled on the Kitchn’s recipe, which uses olive oil as the primary fat. I also added the zest of one lemon and used Lebanese yogurt.

We served the cake with a quick rhubarb sauce, made by simmering four diced rhubarb stalks in the juice of 1/2 an orange and 2 tbsps of maple syrup until it reduced into a thick, silky sauce, tart and velvety and perfect with a slice of cake. The Kitchn’s recipe is really sized up — we had leftovers for 4 days afterward — and because it’s not that sweet, it’s great for breakfast and as an afternoon snack with tea. I loved the texture, which had a slightly spongey and crumby mouthfeel, a little like cornbread. The most surprising thing about this cake was the complete lack of pronouncement of any individual flavor: the sourness of the yogurt, tartness of the zest, and nuttiness of the olive oil somehow all cancel each other out, resulting in an ambiguously defined, utterly humble and lovely little dessert.


3 responses to “HAPPY ENDING

  1. this looks so good +
    yes! glad you’ve come to the dark side, the next time we have a visit we can really travel into the depths of the meaning of breakfast:))) when you get back from singapore i very seriously suggest delving into the amazing-ness that is morning muesli (soak everything overnight). the best way to start the day, you feel full for hours, full of energy/life. i doubt i’ll ever make granola again:)) can’t WAIT to see pictures from your trip!

  2. never have i been happier about turning over to the dark side!! i’m so addicted to baking now, something about having NO idea what something will look/taste like, having faith in time/process, and then seeing something magical appear out of thin air.

    mmm morning muesli! you need to send me your proportions/balance for ingredients – and also what ingredients you use… do the nuts get soggy overnight, for example.

  3. sasha… i had muesli with shredded apple this morning in bali and it was indescribable.. it is #1 on my next–dish to-conquer list once i get home!! XO

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