I think I finally kicked my jetlag, but not after a sleepless night or two spent reading the entire Internet.

+Hidromiel y Fractal Fluido. Stunning fractal soup in San Sebastian.

+I can’t wait to read David Toop’s new book, Sinister Resonance. Really great interview with Geeta Dayal at Rhizome, with good parallels between John Cage and Virginia Woolf…

sound has this characteristic of the uncanny, that sound is to some degree a ghost, and hence this expression in the mediumship of the listener. Sound is transitory, ambiguous in its location in space, and it’s uncertain; it lends itself to representations of uncertainty. It lends itself to feelings of dread and fear and loss and these emotional states, these extreme psychic states. It lends itself to mysticism, all these ineffable experiences. These sensations of immateriality.

+Best tour rider ever. [And best fan letter ever.]

+Cats eating delicious things! This is old but still awesome.

+”Dedicated to the solitary soldiers keeping the grind alive.” Thank you for existing, Internet.

+Fall A.P.C. verdict: cute camo but not blown away.

+It’s apricot season! Make this tart immediately.

+Three amazing podcasts: curated by Gary War, Ariel Pink, and Toronto artist Maryanne Casasanta. I can’t decide which one I like the most.



  1. that dancing alone to pony is insane. i watched about 20 seconds of half of them, it was pretty incredible.

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