I… no words. I know I promised a more eloquent post about the Stella McCartney resort 2011 collection, but after a few weeks after the release of these images, I’m more speechless than ever with her sumptuous oil painting florals — especially that third high-necked cocktail dress. What a brilliant dovetailing of 1960s tailoring with old world visual decadence.

They make me think of the classic Dutch still lifes of bouquets and blooms — Hans Gillisz Bollongier, Rachel Ruysch, Rembrandt et al — full of life and death, decay and decadence.

N.B.: Don’t get me wrong, Stella’s monochromatic suits in aquamarine and dusty rose are equally alluring but I could never quite pull off solids head to toe, like somehow I’m not interesting enough to make it work, and therefore I like it less. They’re still so beautiful in a minimalist way that I will continue to love from afar. I really admire the elegant women who can wear solids, but I think I prefer fashion decadence + visual clutter…


5 responses to “VANITAS

  1. wow, those still life’s are amazing

  2. Wow. The floral prints are absolutely amazing.
    I could actually see you in one of those suits. With your hair down, some killer heels and red lipstick you’d look like a young Bianca Jagger.

  3. jennifer-you are far too generous!! love bianca.
    alan-you have excellent taste.

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