I’m leaving for Bali in less than an hour and I still have to pack. Does this prove to you how much I hate packing? Because I do. Hate packing. To semi-compensate for probable lack of internet access while in Bali, a handful of varied and unrelated photos from Montreal, including: LOBSTER! Lobster is pretty affordable right now (I think I read in the NYT that lobster is going for $5.99/lb), and I think it’s super important to do weird and fancy things for ourselves when there is absolutely no occasion for them. It makes me feel psychically full and very content and excited about life.

After chilling the lobsters in a sink ice bath and giving them a good back rub (I only wish I were joking here but I’m not), we steamed our lobsters (about 1.5-2lbs each) for 15 minutes in salted water and a handful of bay leaves. There were bowls of lemon wedges and two sauces that blew my mind: clarified butter mixed with terragon and salt, and homemade butterscotch. Take that, Paula Deen! The lobster was served with a wilted spinach / cherry tomato / hazelnut / caramelized shallot salad and a purple potato gratin that is now my food soulmate. Purple potato gratin, marry me!

And in case you were wondering, that is what a $10 bucket of cherry tomatoes looks like. Hard to justify until you’ve had one, but rest assured they were worth every penny.


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