Ah, Singapore. I honestly don’t know where to begin, although I do like that I began this post with a photo of our backyard pool. (!)

Singapore has been such a jumble of sensations — intense equatorial heat + steamy rainforest environs, unfamiliar + spicy food, and throngs of sweaty people. This first post about Singapore will inevitably be as disjointed as I have felt in the past two weeks.

My mom had a really lovely opening reception for her show that is up at the Substation. The opening was held the same night that I flew in from Syracuse, New York, and I was crushingly exhausted. 23 hours in an airplane will do that.

We celebrated afterward with a fancy dinner at the stunning periwinkle-blue dining room at the Royal China at the iconic Raffles Hotel downtown. There were other traditional Chinese dishes that night — including slivers of  asparagus, roast duck, and crispy seafood noodles — but I was too tired to document everything properly. I was happy to have been awarded the fish head, though. MINE!

There is a brand new casino in Singapore. If you are a Singaporean citizen, you have to pay $100 to enter! Smart, Singapore government. Looking out for the welfare of their possibly gambling-addicted denizens. Tourists pay nothing, and in the 30 minutes that we spent there wandering around aimlessly I won $50 playing roulette. I put a $5 chip on the 32-33-34-35 corner, won, and that was the only time I could bring myself to play. I hate gambling because I can’t handle the idea of throwing money away, but I have to admit that the rush of winning was exciting. The only bad part was the crazy ex-pat Bob Marley cover band jamming away in a lounge overlooking the craps floor.

Not much to explain here. Delicious smoked meats found in any mall in Singapore. God, I could write a month’s worth of posts just on how intense and prevalent shopping mall culture is here.

Delicious Asian-western fusion snacks like battered shrimp on sugar cane sticks with chili sauce and spicy beef carpaccio with cilantro, shallots and lime are more irrefutable proof that I exist on this planet for a very good reason: To eat my way through it.



  1. Those palm trees look like some kind of crazy green Issey Miyake garment…that is your backyard in Singapore?? Explain?

  2. you have such a creative eye!! love that.

    and yes i am lucky to call this my backyard. it’s part of the small apartment building where we are living, and no one EVER uses it, so i really feel like it is allll mine. :) :)

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