My mom recently bought a scanner and surprised me this morning by emailing me amazing old photos from my childhood. I love my mom’s thick braid and my tiny ones and the field dotted with tangerine-colored poppies. The last photo is of me with my childhood best friend — but how amazing is my vegetable bikini! I remember being obsessed with that thing. If it fit me, I would still wear it today!

Happy happy happy Sunday. It’s finally getting HOT as hell in Oregon. Finally.



4 responses to “TANGERINE DREAMS

  1. basically now you ARE your mom in that top photo, periodically making the exact same expression you’re making in the photo of you w. your dad. amazing + soooooo sweet:)))

  2. oops that previous comment was mine but i was logged in as jarek, who sseems to suddenly have a blog?! i’m confused.

  3. i think my mother is so elegant there and i am more of the goofy/clumsy variety but thank you so much so you are too kind xoxoxo! PS the fake jarek blog is really weird.

  4. zzzzzzoooooooooooooooooooocuteeeeeee
    you are adorable. look at that face!

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