Two great things happened to me yesterday: Four pounds of Oregon Lambert cherries and In the Mood for Love at the Portland Art Museum. Nothing could have prepared me for the sweet intensity of a Pacific Northwest cherry. Some varieties are three times the size of a “normal” grocery store cherry — they are monster truck cherries the size of unripe figs or baby nectarines. They are the size of walnuts or ice cubes. They are magnificent and almost aggressively sweet, and amazingly cheap at the Farmer’s Market — about $3/lb.


3 responses to “TWO-BITE CHERRIES

  1. In The Mood For Love is amazing, what a beautiful film, a great gem to watch on the big screen. Have you seen 2046? If not, go there! It’s probably my favourite Wong Kar Wai film.

    • ‘in the mood for love’ is one of my all-time favorite films. so much atmosphere. excellent soundtrack. perfect story.
      i haven’t seen 2046 because i’m scared it will compromise the magic of in the mood for love!! i suppose i should see it now… :)

  2. Totally! It works as a bit of a companion piece, not quite a sequel to In The Mood For Love. I think it adds to the magic of Wong Kar Wai’s universe. So beautifully portrayed, with such emotion, you’ll be sad, but not sad you watched it.

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