Oh my. Bali. BALI! This first set of photos I took right after we checked into our hotel, the Uma Ubud. The photos simply don’t do it justice — this hotel was so serene, romantic, and elegant. It was remarkable. Every morning, I wandered down to Uma’s outdoor dining area and ordered their fresh museli, which was soaked in milk and dotted with passion fruit seeds and strawberries. I thought of you, Sasha, while furtively trying to figure out how to make it on my own.



  1. Oh My…indeed!
    Really beautiful photos!

  2. yea that muesli looks wayyyy different than the stuff i make at home. looks more like pudding!? is it milk milk or coconut milk? and oats? for mine i just soak oats/nuts/dried fruit in (raw, very creamy but not as creamy as this looks) milk overnight in the fridge, then add more milk in the morning. i’m eating some as we speak.
    you like like you belong in an antonioni flick in that picture, beautifulllll.

  3. ahh. i keep leaving comments somehow as jarek. again. that one was from me:)) xo

  4. oh sasha… that’s so interesting! the museli i had in bali was exactly the same as the museli i had in vancouver earlier this year, which was also the first time i had it.

    it looked/tasted like it was a combination of soaked oats, shredded apple, and nuts, soaked in whole milk and topped with fruit. there wasn’t any dried fruit in this, hmmm. it had a very supple texture, like yoghurt. either way, it was AMAZING! i can’t wait to try yours. :)

  5. the food looks amazing. so vibrant! i love these photos.

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